System Exclusive trasferring from Cubase

How do I reprogram my M1 ex from Cubase 6? Using MIDIOX 7.02 I dumped and backed up my original factory sounds to a sys.ex file, before trying out some new sounds (via a seperate sys.ex file), When I tried to put the factory sounds it didn’t work.

How I use Cubase to transfer the sys.ex file back to the M1 ex>

Does not work putting back using midiox?
Maybe M1 has memory locked?

Thanks for the suggestion but I already tried that. Also tried swapping the MIDI cables

Any more ideas?

Could it simply be that the sysex filter is on in Preferences / Midi filters?

Tried that

I’ve fixed it now. It must have been a loose connection as I tried it with my second MIDI interface and it worked. I then switched it back and it worked all the same! Sorted, as they say!