system fingerprint is not valid anymore

getting this box when I try to run Cubase - system fingerprint is not valid anymore
Could anyone help?, I’ve uninstalled eLicenser and re-installed but it still comes up,
Maintenance on eLicenrer is not working - I just get 'X Fixing relevant permissions failed.
also from the six steps Step one Fails and step 2 fails
Please could someone help with this,
System Fingerprint.PNG

If I right click and open as Administrator I get an Application error and then the Elicenser opens as an empty box with all menus
App error.PNG
greyed out.


Please help. does anyone know how to fix this Please

Anyone had this issue?

Have you had a windows update happen recently? Or disabled any hardware such as network cards?

I have had software licenses go down for these two reasons. The windows update was a total PIA and unexpected. Best bet is to make sure no hardware is disabled and then contact support to see what they can do.

A lot of changes to hardware configuration can cause that issue, an update to graphics card, ram, hard drive etc etc etc, sometimes even changing the port a single is plugged into will need multiple licence issues, serial numbers, library locations etc etc

Only thing I did was upgrade from 10.5 to 11. Now I get this warning message, two in fact, every time I start Cubase…once loaded I then get the register now, later, already registered box comes up…I have registered but it still comes up all the time…the biggest issue is the fingerprint warning on boot up…

Have you changed boot drive or anything else in your bios or given your system a scrub with c.f. Cleaner?

Hi, no, nothing at all? All Iv done was upgraded to 11.
Now I get a two warnings when I boot up Cubase 11, I have to close them down to continue with the loading - very annoying :cry:.
Emailed stein berg but they haven’t replied.

Oh dear me, that’s annoying! Do you have an image to restore to your previous working configuration? Maybe you should roll back if you can and start the update again, make sure your dongle is in the same port and run update as administrator…

Me too. Associated with “The Grand 3” soft license. The Grand 3 still works, so its just an annoyance thus far.

Any resolutions? I’m just emailing Steinberg Support.