System/Frame break key commands in 1.0.10

The list of changes says that the new default key commands for system and frame breaks are Shift+S and Shift+F respectively, they’re still listed in the menus as being Alt-Cmd-S and Alt-Cmd-F and they still work with those commands. Perhaps they’re Windows key commands? Also, while Alt-Cmd-F works on the first go, Alt-Cmd-S still only works on the second keypress after switching from another mode. Once one is in Engrave Mode and has already forced one system break, it’ll subsequently work on the first go.

This is a slightly different subject but it also concerns key commands. I can’t get Tab or Shift-Tab to select the next or previous barline in Write mode.

If you’ve already customised some shortcuts in Dorico 1.0, then I’m afraid you won’t get any of the changes we’ve made for 1.0.10. Depending on whether you feel you can re-do your existing changes, you should go to the Key Commands page of Preferences and click Reset Key Commands, which will then provide you with the new defaults, which includes the changes for Engrave mode, and the arrow keys for Write mode, etc.

Thanks, Daniel. I didn’t think I’d changed those particular commands but I’ll give that a try. I’ll also have to be very careful about saving defaults, as they might be applicable to one document but not to another. Someday it might be handy to be able to save sets of defaults for different situations.

It’s not that you’ve changed those particular defaults, but rather that you have changed any of the shortcuts. When you make an edit to the shortcuts, it writes out a complete set of all of the shortcuts to your user data folder, and uses that version from now on. That means any and all changes we make to the defaults will not be shown on your system.

Aha, that’s good to know. I was just looking through the key commands to see what else I’d changed. I’ll just reset everything and redo the few things I’d altered.