System Gain Settings?

This happens with any version Cubase and while it’s not really a problem, it’s something I’d like to understand.

I’m a hobbyist, using a good PC with an mLAN (firewire) i88x interface with one line-level audio input. All settings on the i88x and in Cubase are at unity gain.

Let’s say I’m running my system stand-alone playing my synths. When I fire up Cubase (turning off the monitor function on the i88x), I get a sudden volume bump along with more Gaussian hiss.

I can dial back the output knob on the i88x to get back to where I was, but when I fire up Cubase, it’s like I get a +4 dB “bump” on the signal going out of the i88x to the speakers.

Is there a interface in/out gain control somewhere? Would appreciate some insight from the elders…

You could try checking VST connections outputs to make sure you are not double monitoring. :smiley:

It’s definitely not that! :smiley: