System height (staff spacing) in score on title page

Hi all experts, I have just spent a good hour to look through this very informative webinar Staff & System Spacing | Discover Dorico Google Hangout - YouTube.

Thanks for this, I learned a lot! I have a follow-up question and that is how to fill BOTH the title page in a score (provided there is title on the the first page with music) nicely as well as the following pages. In the video it was repeated many times to avoid dragging staves around and I fully agree, this is tedious and time consuming and quite often does not even make it look better.

What I did not understand is how to handle the first page in scores. Let’s say I have 20 staves, and I want to fill pages 2 and up in a nice way from bottom to top. But on the first page, that system height (alt staff spacing) will in 99,99 % of the cases not fit due to title, credits and things like that at least I want on my first page. Experience gives that a small adjustment of the staff spacing on the first page does the trick (and is typically not notable by anyone else than me).

Is there some good function or method to reduce the system height on one particular page (i. e. normally the first page)? Thanks //D

The easiest way is to set frame breaks at the beginning of the first system, and at the beginning of the system that will begin the second page. Then select the first frame break, and from the properties panel, choose “Wait for next Frame Break.”

For clarify: are you talking about 20 staves that comprise a single (e.g. orchestral) system, or a part layout with 20 individual staves to spread across multiple pages, or e.g. five systems of music for a quartet?

20 staves that comprise a single orchestral system. I experimented a little and it looks splendid! Perhaps I missed something earlier. Thanks in any case and case closed :slight_smile: