System improperly right-justified

In a large score, one of my systems is indented about 3/4" from the right. It’s in the middle of the piece, and not at a flow break. Adding a frame break at the end of the system does nothing to fix the problem. How can I fix this?

See attached image.

I guess that if you switch to the note spacing tool in Engrave mode, you’ll see that the right-hand large square handle for the system as a whole is red and indented some distance from the right margin; if so, select it and hit Delete, and that will sort it out. If that doesn’t help, please attach the project here.

Windscapes 0.4.1.dorico (1.8 MB)
Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the problem. The handle is not red. The issue is on p.17 of the file, bottom system.

Well, that is just plain odd. Seems like a bug.

I deleted the score layout and created another one, and the problem seems to have gone away. But I don’t know why it was there in the first place.

Thanks! I might try that. Yeah, it’s probably a bug, so hopefully my posting the file won’t be in vain.

It’s your Vib/Glock playing in parallel in bars 134-5. It’s trying to do instrument switching when they’re both playing at the same time. This somehow creates the indent.

If those two instruments often play at the same time, they ought to be assigned to separate Players. Looking via Galley View, the Glock has one note where the Vib has a rest. Usually, Dorico would show both staves here but, it’s not and causing problems.

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Sorry to take so long to come back to this one. The problem is indeed caused by the fact that you’re ending up with an instrument change where you shouldn’t. I suggest you add a chord symbol region lasting one quarter (crotchet) at the start of bar 135 in the glockenspiel part. That will stop the instrument change from appearing there.