System jumps to next page, why?

Hello, my problem this time is the following:

I adjusted space between systems with the Spationierungstool.
Everything fine until I instead a tempo at the beginning of the last 2 systems.

Now the last system jumped over to a new page.
I reduced the space between all other system so there is 34,6mm space at the. end from the 1. page, but the last system stays on the second page, why?

I thought the program realizes the space? No? And if It ry to “move” the space above the second page system, that also does unfortunately not lead to the wanted "jump back.?

Thanx for an advice

Dorico has evidently decided that, based on the global rules set in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, there is no longer space for the the last system on the first page. The Staff Spacing tool in Engrave mode is an override for the global rules, but no amount of dragging staves around will persuade Dorico to move staves to or from pages (this has been discussed at length, previously - my personal opinion is that it would be a real nuisance if the existing behaviour changed). If you want to force a system onto a specific page/frame, you need to use Frame Breaks or “Make into Frame”, or you need to set Layout Options > Vertical Spacing so that Dorico automatically does what you want.

(By Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, I mean the dialog that is described in German here:

you need to use Frame Breaks or “Make into Frame”

I tried to do this. Marked the bars from the last 2 systems on the first page and the bars on the second one. Pressed “Into Frame” but than the whole bars move to the second page…

(This workaround solved my bar problem from the other thread)

We’ve already been through this. If you use “Make into frame” then a Frame break will be added at the start of the selection. In order to put all of your music on the first page you need to select the first thing on the page, and the last thing you want on the page, then do “Make into Frame”.

We’ve already been through this

Exactly. But unfortunately not with the wanted result.

In order to put all of your music on the first page you need to select the first thing on the page, and the last thing you want on the page, then do “Make into Frame”

And that´s exactly what I am doing. Selecting the first not on page 1. Selecting the last not on page 2:
Pressing the Into frames Button ie´wth the 3 Quadrate:

Nothing changes.

If I am just wasting your time: Sorry, but if you think I am asking this because I have nothing better to do, you’re wrong.

What did you select? THe first thing on the first page, or the last two systems of the first page?

First I tried it with the last bars.
That moved all bars ti the second page.

Than I selected the first note o the first page. and the last note on the second (last) page.

Pressed “Into frame”:

Nothing changed.

Tried this with others (first text , last text etc: no result)

Go to Ansicht > Hinweise > and ensure that Rahmenumbrüche and Systemumbrüche are turned on. My guess is that there will be a purple Rahmenumbrüche signpost at the top of page 2. You should select and delete it.

Thanx a lot. That’s was the problem.
Thank you!