System link and Video

I am thinking of transferring my video to a slave computer, and was thinking of running it via system link (either in Nuendo or Cubase). If any of you have tried this, I’d be grateful if you could answer:

  1. Whether or not it works well
  2. How tight the lock is
  3. Whether or not scrubbing works

Also, if there are any other points to consider that I haven’t covered, please mention them. Ta.


No need to.
We use MTC Video slave
(Website offline for the moment)
or Chaingang

Unless youa re on Mac …


Yes, I’m going to be running video on a Mac, but Nuendo on a PC.


Hello DG,
As Fredo noted there are easier and cheaper options than syslink. Unless they’re using Video Satellite, many of the post houses and almost all the studio ADR facilities in Los Angeles are using Streamers from Figure53. Runs great on a cheap Mac and was what vvtr should have been, except it works and is inexpensive.
Do you have hardware midi ports on both systems? I’ve never tried network midi between a Mac and pc, I use it between two macs, so not sure how well network midi between a Mac and pc (using ipmidi or other) works. Hardware midi works great.

Side note - Figure53’s Lockstep program is fantastic.


Thanks Hugh. I’ve never heard of Figure53, so I shall look into it.

Regarding network MIDI between PC and Mac, it works very well, as can be seen by all those Mac users using VE Pro who have PC slaves.

Edit: OK, Figure53 looks very good, but most of it is overkill for my purposes. I is also quite expensive, and I can get Cubase much cheaper, so I think I’ll test System Link out first, as I have 2 Nuendo licences.

FWIW I’ve also found this and have tried the demo (only 5 minutes at a time, which was really annoying) but I haven’t yet managed to get it to scrub, or advance frame by frame, so I don’t know if it does that.


If you’re on a mac for video and you plan to use the internal graphics card, you need to connect only one monitor or you will experience dropped frames! It’s a flaw in OS X. Only workaround would be a video card like the blackmagic stuff.

Also Cubase is a fantastic video slave!

DG, its has worked real well for me as a low cost solution , I use vst systems link to run video on a slave PC. The vst link runs and locks via one adat audio channel ( just by using vst link feature in devices) nothing fancy going on here.

Note, this is PC to PC, PC1 master is nuendo, PC2 slave is Cubase 6, and PC 2 not only runs video but all of my drums, grooves, percussion plug ins ( 16 stereo adat into PC 1 ).

I noticed a significant improvement over older versions with N5 and C6 as far a stability with VST system link.

It locks down to the frame level perfectly, I can do heavy scrubbing.

If there is a C6 trail available, I would try that on your slave and maybe get the mid level unless you need all of the bells and whistles.


Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.


In my experience (mac to mac) Syslink is great with a couple of caveats. Some sound cards don’t fair so well as others. I had trouble going via ADAT from MOTU 2408 to 828. Since replacing 828 with RME via MADI and ADAT, problems gone.

My setup is a composition based one - running a whole film on a slave Nuendo, and loading/creating cues on master Nuendo. So the slave Nuendo (which could as easily be Cubase) acts as a grand multitrack tape deck with picture sync.

I still favour MMC and MTC over Syslink for two reasons. 1st, with Syslink the slave “copies” my LR locators on the master which I don’t want. So if I change the L locator position. On one machine the other copies. Also cycle mode copies too. Finally, with MMC you can arm tracks and run reversed LR locators on master (to experiment with skipping bars etc while composing) and have the slave play straight.

Syslink is damn fast to lock up, but too inflexible for me.

Both methods should work independently of platform.