System link for video playback slave

I was considering system link to setup a slave just for video playback.
My master system (where I do my composing) is set to a latency of 512ms.
My friend’s system which we used for testing a video slave is set to a latency of 32ms (it just runs video).

We’ve found that on start/stop, the sync is sample accurate, however during playback the slave video playback lags by a few frames (which defeats the entire purpose!). We’ve tested this by having the same video file loaded on both systems.

Any tips/wisdom?

I use MTC not system link… It works great.

Thanks for your reply.
Do you do that with physical midi cables between systems; each with cubase?

VST system link is the most accurate for syncing imo, sample accurate and responds on the fly to any play/stop command, no delay before syncing like with MTC. More, it has amazing additional features compared to MTC:

Let’s say you have Cubase on 2 computers (or Cubase/Nuendo). Any ‘loop on/off’ command will instantly be mirrored from slave to master or reverse. Same thing when you change the loop (left/right locators)! That’s a great and easy feature. I’m using VST system link since more than 12 years for that (I had 4 synced PC’s at that time, 2 Cubase/1 Nuendo/1 Nuendo for video…), plus a Steinberg TimeBase sync interface and a digital Beta, you know, ancient times :wink: The video was output to Blackmagic card. Things are way easier these days!

BTW you can adjust the play mode compensation offset in video setup. I usually have a 40ms offset compensation (1 frame) and it works great. That way sync on stop and sync while playing are totally accurate.

Cons: it might be a bit more complicated to setup than MTC.

BTW you shouldn’t have any delay between both computers, no need to set a different latency imo. Are both computers quite similar ? (motherboards, graphic cards). As I said, sync is sample accurate. I’ve always 100% trusted the audio/video sync with VST link, way more than on any single video playing within WMP or QT, as soon as the setup has been tested and right video offset parameter input. So if you have some video delay between both computers, I guess it has more to see with computer performance or graphic card than VST system link.

I’ve done this and works good except for syncs as soon as it stops

I use MTC with over the network. I have several things going so I can’t remember if it is loopmidi, etc… works great.

I use to use systemlink over ten years ago but I think I remember having issues when I used tempo maps…I could be wrong it might be fine now as it has been a long time since I tried it.