System Link Q's - how 2 utilize 4 mixing? Sync w/ video soft

Hey there, I’ve never used system link before so bare with me.
Is anyone using VST System Link for more processing intensive mixes?

For example,
Having the instrumental on one computer, vocals on the other computer?

Is it possible to set this up so I am making changes to tracks from one computer? ie, The vocals are on computer 2, but I am adding inserts on computer 1 but they are still using computer 2 to process/power?

How is a System Link project saved?

Separate questions:

Is it possible, to use System Link, to sync with a video editing programs such as vegas or premiere?

Do I have to own 2 copies/licenses of Cubase and have two dongles?



Sorry, I know just an answer to your last questions. Yes, you need two licenses, and two USB-eLincesers.

Today, most of the user use VSL VE Pro to use multiple computer resources.