System object - custom staff (serious request!)

Hi! I read some topics about the possibility of choosing system objects to go on custom staves. If I’m not wrong it’s still not possible?
This is something often needed in many publications.
I’m not a programmer at all, but it would seem to me that this is not too complicated to implement?
Thanks for any insight on this one…

Leans back, grabs popcorn… :popcorn:


(Maybe somewhat shortsighted of me whilst being the biggest fan of Dorico :wink: )

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Your feature request sounds interesting, though… Do you have an example of what you want to accomplish?

It would be nice to have more control over this. This sort of thing is just a couple of clicks in Finale, where you can specify which staves of the score and which parts to display any sort of text.

You’re not the first one to bring this up.
As with thousands of other requests, it’s “on the developers’ to-do list for a future version”.

Exactly what I meant! :slight_smile:

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@dspreadbury to save creating a new thread about a similar topic:

At the moment, if I want a system object above all my vocalists, I have to use a workaround. This is because most of the time I’m writing for a soloist and choir(s) combination and, by default, the system object will only appear above the vocal bracket, rather than the top vocal stave. My workaround is to put a bracket on any soloist because, unless I’m mistaken, even with Dorico’s factory Orchestral Ensemble Type in Layout Options, a soloist is not within any vocal brackets.

Do you agree that this should be the case? i.e. that the “standard” should be having a system object between a soloist and ensemble?

“Standard” is a tricky word, often made to do a lot of heavy lifting. What you describe is what Dorico does, but that doesn’t mean it is the only thing that is valid, or indeed the only thing that, in the fullness of time, it would be good for Dorico to be able to do.