System object position for time signature/ tempo text

Dear colleagues,

I would like to ask you about a specific question.

There is a possibility - how to change the set up for Time signatures and also Tempo text in the case of the system object positions?

For instance: I would like to delete the time signature on the top of the score (woodwinds position)
also any Tempo texts objects (see the yellow box)

thanks for your answers -

For the tempo markings, that’s Layout Options > Staves and Systems > System Objects. Untick all the options and you’ll find that your tempi only show at the top of the system.

Time signatures are a bit trickier, but I think you can get close (but you can’t get the denominator positioned next to the numerator; it will always go below). Tell Layout Options > Time Signatures to show once per bracket, with the Narrow, sans serif design. Then go to Engraving Options > Time Signatures > Time Signatures centred on Brackets and set
One staff to 0
Four or more staves to 2 1/2 (you might have to play with this)
Vertical alignment relative to bracket: Top
Instruments between brass and strings: Treat as single bracket.

If you set Layout Options > Time Signatures to use the Plain Text Font design, then you can control the size (and font) of the numerator and denominator separately, from Engrave > Font Styles.

This is about as close as I can get it, I think:

You’d have more control over the position of the time signatures if you went for the Time Signatures At System Object Positions option, but that’s tied to where the tempo marks appear, and you seem to want the two things in different positions. I don’t think there’s currently a good solution for that.

Dear - pianoleo-

that´s a great idea - how to make anything similar. So I lend that.