System objects disappear on certain conditions…Bug?

I think I’ve discovered a bug related to system objects. I have a score in which I’ve used the option “Hide Empty Staves” in all systems. I’ve also ticked the woodwinds and strings boxes in System Objects, so that they always appear over the topmost instrument of those families. Even with this setting, Dorico correctly places system objects over other instruments if no strings or woodwinds are showing, as should be done. However, this is not true for objects that span over several bars, like rit. lines, if they span all the way to the end of the system.

The above explanation is rather confusing, I know, so take a look at these screenshots. In the first one you see a rit. line over the percussion and it’s clear it is not extended to the end of the system. The second screenshot was taken after I extended the line. It’s gone! However, it shows up in Galley view. It won’t show over any other instrument – with the exception of a member of the woodwinds or strings families – unless I retract the line back one unit of the rhythmic grid.

Is this a bug?


It’s a bug alright, but one that I discovered last July (and I wasn’t necessarily the first) - see here:

Yes! That’s it! So it is a bug, indeed. Good to know you spotted it and the team is working on it.

For the record, I did search before posting but my search was for System Objects, not Tempo Changes. Sorry for the duplicate post.


No need to apologise for the duplicate post! I’m sorry for this bug and hope that we will be able to address it soon.

I am entirely guilty of jumping down people’s throats for not searching before they post (and entirely unapologetic - it’s basically the only rule that this forum has) but I wouldn’t have expected your search to find the thread I linked to. Don’t sweat it :slight_smile:

I hope that Dorico 4 can auto pre-system-break when detecting that the tempo texts are too long passing the end of its current measure.