System objects erroneously appearing on all staves

Nearing completion on a project, I’ve suddenly encountered an unpredictable bug that unfortunately carries over into print mode: Rehearsal marks and tempo indications start appearing on all staves as soon as an edit around the object is made—and then it applies to numerous other system objects throughout the score. (Perhaps this is similar to the “rehearsal mark floating ever upward” bug.)

There are also places in the score in which lyric spacing seems to be unpredictable. (In multiple places it was necessary to add spacing changes in order to space lyrics manually, but it’s in areas where I tried to reset to default behavior that the unpredictability arises.)

Has this been documented? I couldn’t find it after a search of the forum. I’d be happy to email the project to a developer if requested.

Please do send us your project together with details of how to reproduce the problem and we’ll look into it.