"System objects" for only string section?

I have a section in an orchestra score with lengthy instructions for the string players, and it takes up an incredible amount of room by appearing in every string section! Is there a way to make them appear only at the top of the string group in the score while appearing in all the parts? I’ve printed parts to PDF, so I may just delete the instructions from all but the 1st violins, but I’m wondering about this for future reference.

Text items (whether System Text or Staff Text) have a “Hide” property.

  1. Make sure View > Signposts > Text is turned on (or that signposts in general are turned on, at the top of that menu).
  2. Put the lengthy instruction wherever you want it to show.
  3. Ensure that the “Set local properties” switch at the top right corner of the Properties Panel is set to “Locally”.
  4. Select your lengthy instruction and Alt-click it to one of the other string staves.
  5. Find and switch on its “Hide” property. It should now show in the score as a pinkish signpost.
  6. Alt-click the pink signpost to all the other string staves.

Much quicker to do than to type…

I think what cellonancy wants is a one-click method without such an operational flow. As a long-term Finale user, I also miss this kind of feature.

Thanks for the quick response, it saved the day! I had used the Hide button before, but in another context and had forgotten all about it…