System objects - temp manual override?

I made manual adjustments to staff visibility and encountered this proximity of system objects:

Is there a way to temporarily override the system object placement that’s been previously set to show above strings? Thanks!

(Just noticed my piu’s need work, btw)

Not that I know of, but you can hide the system objects between the clarinets and violins in your example by selecting those objects and changing their color property to make them transparent. Note that this will not affect the visibility of the system objects above the top staff in any layout.

Speaking of system objects, I wish there were a way to determine exactly where they appear. As it is now, they can be set to show above the staff of an instrument family, but not above a specific staff. I’ve made an arrangement for piano, harmonium, clarinet, cello and percussion. The piano staves have been placed at the bottom, underneath the harmonium part, exactly where I want them, but the system objects are placed above the harmonium part, as it’s the top instrument of the keyboard family group. I’d prefer to see them above the piano part. Any suggestions, other than having to enter tempo marks as non-system objects?

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I just noticed that this has been requested in a recent post.

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Don’t you mean “more” work? :joy:


They need a ù, certainly.


Which way is the accent supposed to slant?

OUCH! I’ve been doing it backwards!

To have the system objects above the piano, you could change the harmonium to a grand staff instrument which is not in the keyboard family such as a marimba. You would then need to edit the instrument names in setup mode and the sound of the instrument in play mode.

Good idea. Thanks!

Thank you. It works (with a bit of a leftover gap). This made the entire system object (incl. RM and tempo at the top) transparent in Galley View too, so I put in a comment as a reminder/flag. Cheers!

I have a similar issue: I tried the above solution, setting color to white (is there a code for “transparent”?). Unfortunately, it also “hides” the sys objects above the top staff. Presumably because the top staff (Soprano) is hidden in the 2nd system? Is there a way to hide the extraneous Tempo and rehearsal marks above the piano in the 2nd system without hiding them above the Tenor soloist? (Elsewhere in the layout, the rehearsal letters and tempo changes should show above the piano, as in the first system.)

In this case I think your best bet, poor as it is, is to simply drag the unwanted tempo off the page in Engrave mode.

Ha - didn’t know I could do that! :slight_smile: Will do; thanks.