System optimization problem

Hi, I have a problem with system alignment.
If you notice in the 1-2-3 images they are quite close to each other, but this is not the case for those in the fourth image.
The reason is very simple: in the first 3 there are 3 systems per page, in the fourth, 2 per page.
The fact that Dorico prevents me from having a different alignment for each stream prevents me from being able to publish the score at the moment.
How would you solve the problem?

Thank you

Salve, ho un problema sull’allineamento delle accollature.
Se notate nelle immagini 1-2-3 sono piuttosto vicini tra loro, ma non è così per quelle della quarta immagine.
Il motivo è molto semplice: nelle prime 3 vi sono 3 accollature per pagina, nella quarta, 2 per pagina.
Il fatto che Dorico mi impedisca d’aver un diverso allineamento per ogni flusso, mi impedisce di poter pubblicare la partitura, al momento.
Voi come risolvereste il problema?


I wonder if the difference between the 2 thresholds for vertical justification is part of the issue here - if you make the 2nd value very large, like 98%, that should mean that on pages with 2 systems, both the systems and the staves within them are vertically-justified (reducing the size of the gap between systems, and spreading out the staves more). Look at the two images on that linked page to see the difference.

Or, set a fixed casting off value of 3 systems per frame, provided on the fullest pages there’s still enough room for 3.