System Processes CPU spike using Sound Card

First time user of Cuabse and just got my system setup. The problem I’m having is when ever I have my sound card plugged in after a couple recordings, any mixing, or VSTs my CPU will jump to 100% usage on System processes and everything becomes unresponsive until I physically unplug the sound card from the computer and replug everything back in. Everything currently is on the latest driver and version update.

Win7 Home Premium - 64bit
Intel i3-2310M CPU 2.1GHZ 2.1GHZ
6GB Ram
Cubase 7.03 - 64bit
Focusrite 2i4 usb sound card

I cant get anything done. I’m hoping that their is some fine tuning in settings that just needs to be done to fix this but the problem is so bad nothing gets done.