system recommondations sought

obviously didnt bother to google…

the AMD is an absolute DOG.

the new AMDs are actually slower than the newer ones and performed so bad i didnt even update my benchmarks page with them.
2nd graph down
the AMD 1090T (5th from the bottom of each buffer) is about the same as the system you just bought.

you could have done so much better for less $ and far better support

the AMD 1090T did 80 RXC compressors
Intel 2600 stock(black) did 183.

so far more than 2 times the power could have been had for far less
always amazed when i see rain mentioned

Let me start by saying that after a fire, , July 2010when I no longer had my studio stuff, I needed to upgrade to Cubase 6. I knew it would no longer run on my old XP computer when I got that back from the restoration center (which would be 364 days later) So I posted on the forum asking recommendations for a new system. There were no replies in quite a few months. After a long period, of not posting, I had to have a new log-in and password as I couldn’t even locate the earlier one.
When I was considering getting the Presonus Firewire Studio, and asked for suggestions then, no one had any info. I went ahead and bought it, based on the recommendations of a friend who repairs audio and visual devices and is a musician.
When I posted in January about the special requirements of this device, as it would only work with certain chipsets, and I couldn’t find computers even made that still had Firewire, I got frustrated as 2 months went by without any info specific to this point. Directron, who had built 2 computers for me previously, didn’t even return my email nor phone call where I gave my needs and asked for recommendations. I didn’t want to spend money on a computer, however powerful, wasn’t going to work with the sound card. So when I finally got through to someone at Presonus and they they said that Rain had the computer with the Firewire port that would work with the device, then I went ahead. All those benchmark tests wouldn’t help if the computer didn’t have a chipset compatible with the PFP. So, as none of the recent replies mentioned this, and I have been unable to get refurbish my studio working with updated software and hardware and compose and record anything I used to be able to before July, I just couldn’t wait any longer. Sometimes one has to pay more for ignorance. I am still taking things, such as keyboards, turntable, tape machines that haven’t functioned fully, since the event, for repair, and the turnaround time seems to be 2 months. So I will just be glad to have a capable system that works even if it is not the most powerful or best possible deal.

By the way, JSChild, your first offer of help was to google Pro Audio computer. When this is done, what is seen on the page is offers by Sweetwater, Biz Rate etc. If I go to the Sweetwater and look at their top model, it is the Creation Station 450. This is 6 core 3.30Ghtz with 12 G Ram, and is $2700, compared to what I chose which is 8 core, 3.6Ghtz, with 16G RAM. Now as primarily a musician, not so into the computer aspects (you calling AMD a dog) would I possibly decide that I didn’t buy a more powerful system for less money?
And once again, the question of whether it had the chipset that would work with the Presonus is ignored.
Only after I looked at some posts by someone else trying to build a system did I notice how often your critiques of other people’s intelligence generates bad will. Then I was curious and clicked your name and saw your website of proaudiocomputer. With the spaces you put between the words, this doesn’t even come up on the first page visible, so I had no idea why you posted such a general thing to google. I had already done a lot of searching on the web for info about the Presonus required chipsets, and had found some were discontinued, and spent a lot of time getting nowhere, so I wasn’t about to search even more when the deatil of prime importance - chipset like TI, wasn’t mentioned. Had you stated that you had a company that built audio computers, then I would have gone further and asked if any had the required chipset to work with the Firewire Studio Project.

JSChild wrote: “AMD is a dog”
And yet the company that your profile directs me to sells them:

Is this your company, or do you work for them? When attempting to sell the system, do you warn that it is a dog?


  1. the first REAL (not paid advertising) search that comes up when you google “Pro Audio computer” is ADK

  2. we have the AMD system up there for people who dont have a clue and read on some forum go buy an AMD.
    and yes when people try to buy it we show them the benchmarks page and show them the light. have not sold one in a good while. while you were there (AMD config) did you notice how much less $ our AMD system is than what you bought?

  3. obviously if we sell systems for audio the firewire chipset will work…
    TI of course and the newer Via work fine…

i got a kick out of this…

I notice how often your critiques of other people’s intelligence generates bad will

funny type ADK in the search box above, you will see all those terrible things people say about us :mrgreen:

i am blunt and to the point and dont have time for holding hands and being sweet or politically correct.
i state the facts and move on. and i dont appologize for it.
Funny most people appreciate my posts even if they are blunt.
and me thinks you asked your question on the wrong forum… this forum is not very busy…

and by the way i am sure you can cancel your order and buy a sandy bridge system
(not saying from me) i highly recommend you do cancel or send it back for a sandy system.

you wont find anyone who will tell you the 8 core AMD you bought is faster than an intel system.

for a guy who claims to have done research i am amazed you didnt find all the daw builders.

Sweetwater (also over priced but at least not AMD) (my only real competition) (one man show but great guy, where i would probably buy if i didnt build them) we bought this company out over 3 yrs ago
and of course

pretty sure thats all (well that matters)

That last post would have been so useful if it came in the beginning of February. but if you notice this post was initiated in January. The first replies when they came, just told me to look at the Steinberg general tips, which I had already done and which said nothing about the chipset required. Another post just told me to search the forum, which I had spent a lot of time with regarding the Presonus requirements and found nothing helpful. It wasn’t until March that some less general suggestions came. I had checked numerous times, during the period and found no updates, because though I had “notify if replies” was checked, I wasn’t getting any email notification. The company who built 2 other computers wasn’t responding by phone or email. Presonus website was unavailable and phone waits were beyond an hour. So after over a month with nothing to go on but generalities, I just jumped at the first specific direction when I finally got through to them.

And I just looked at another post by someone wanting to build a computer, with, I think over 100 replies, and in the end he wound up building something that had pops and crackles, then had to spend more time solving problems.
So, if I had gotten your last post back a couple of months ago, the story might have been quite different. After over 18 months of being unable to get back to normalcy, I just had to quit waiting. Most of my “research” was trying to find out what computers used the Presonus recommended chipsets, and I kept hearing that no one uses Firewire anymore. Live and learn. I will just be so happy to reimmerse myself in music.