System Req., Mac Pro Xeon processors (2008 to 2012)

Congrats on the launch of version 11!

I am looking to upgrade from 10.5 but wanted to confirm that v11 would be compatible with my MacPro 2009’s Xeon processors. I noticed in the requirements that it just notes i-series Intel processors and understand that some software leverages some newer graphics features of newer intel processors (eg. NI Massive X) that aren’t available on the older Xeon processors. I also understand that v11 has had some re-coding to improve the graphic performance on the mac.

Can you confirm that v11 is compatible with my system?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, djeez! I’m in the same boat, but due to too much traffic at the moment at the Elicencer, it’s not even possible to get the darn thing working!
And even can’t access 10.5 anymore due to this!

After an hour of playing with 11 I can confirm there are no issues so far on my MP 4.1/5.1 upgraded on Mojave!

I dove right in too… and there doesn’t seem to be an issue on my 2009 macpro (xeon processor) with C11. :slight_smile: