System requirements.

Hi guys i hope i’ve selected the correct thread, basically i wanted to ask what system requirements do i need to be able to run a few programs and plugins. I currently have a Imac 2012 I5 3.2GHz and 8 gigs of ram i have cubase pro 8.5 thinking of upgrading to 9.5 and running a few plugins like syelnth 1 omnisphere kontakt a more in future. My concern is that my CPU is going to struggle towards the end of the track once i start layering all these. Or should i not worry, im thinking about upgrading to a new IMAC if im below the recommended specs

Cheers, Jerry

I reckon you’ll be just fine with those specs. Possibly the 8GB or RAM is a little tight if you’re running lots of instances of Kontakt/Omnisphere, but you’ll probably get by.