System Requirements ?

Hello, I ordered the cubase 7.5 boxed upgrade without reading the system requirements. What was I thinking?

My computer is running a pentuim D6000 single core processor in it with 8gb of ram. Does anyone know if this will still work on this computer? 4LE works perfectly.

Please let me know ,thanks

I am using a tascam us-2000 interface as well.

Steinberg knowledge base

took me all of 15s to find the answer via google

Thanks for looking into this for me. I already had this information, I wanted to see if it would even install on a a computer without a dual core processor? From somoene who mite have tired it.

I recieved my software and installed it, it works well. I later realized that the p6000 is a dual core processor so I did meet the minimum requirements after all.