System resources - RAM, CPU, Solid State Drives

In your opinion as a Cubase User, what should the considerations be when looking to upgrade one’s system? What are the things that hog CPU time, or RAM?

I work mostly with a huge number of midi tracks, and am pulling samples from large string libraries like Hollywood, LASS and Cinematic. I do lots of work in Key Edit, and am noticing almost every time I change the value of a note, I’m seeing that hourglass more and more. Is that telling me I need more RAM?

Once I’ve finished with my midi tracks and exported them to audio files, I will take them over to my husband’s PC and thats where we will do the mixing. Does he need more RAM on his, or more CPU, when it comes to working with audio files? And should we move Cubase to our SSDs on both computers?

First thing I’d do if using a lot of Kontakt/Play libraries is invest in Vienna Ensemble Pro and offload your processing from Cubase. Best move I ever made when I started doing a lot of MIDI work.

Ohh I have Vienna Ensemble Pro. Not sure exactly what you mean, though. How would it change what I’m doing?

Ah sorry, I missed that in your sig! So, you’re already running all your instances of Kontakt and Play in VEP rather than Cubase but you’re still still having issues? Post up your system specs so we can have a look to see where you’re at at the moment. The first thing I’d always look at using those big sample libraries is running them from SSD depending on how much RAM you already have.

More RAM is always easy to check. If in Taskmanager you have free ram left (say +1gb free) you don’t need more ram. HD’s are easy too, if the disk usage of cubase doesn’t spike you are ok and no gains can be had going ssd (except loading times from a ssd in Kontakt are much much faster).
I do lots of work in Key Edit, and am noticing almost every time I change the value of a note, I’m seeing that hourglass more and more
Well this is strange, could it be autosave? They only times I see a hourglass is when cubase autosaves, which it indeed can do after an edit. So disable autosave for a while and see if it is gone.

On CPU, yes faster is always better, but you do need a big step up to notice it. So for example going from 4 cores at 2.8ghz to 6 at 3.6 is a step up. but going from 4 at 3ghz to 4 at 3.4 not so much.

Well actually no. lol we’re just running Vienna in that, and have many instances of kontakt and Play in Cubase. Are you saying if we move them to VEP from CUbase, it takes away the need for Cubase to allocate the resources for them? On the same machine? I guess I didn’t really know what VEP was. I will try it and see what happens! (Yes the big libraries are all on the new 1 TB SSD. I see a huge difference now when loading a piece.)

Thanks, Vinark. I’l take a look a Task Manager and I will turn off autosave.

Does working with audio files significantly reduce the resources needed? Compared to working with midi?

Absolutely. Run all your Kontkat & Play instances in VEP. Doing this will also vastly improve your Cubase auto save times.

Yes absolutely!