System space collapse

Hi! Why does system interspace collapse like this?
I find myself adding system-breaks to

It looks as though the page is vertically overfilled. What does the percentage value in the bottom left corner of the page say?

As to why, it could be:
a) that you’ve fixed casting off to a specific number of systems per page, in Layout Options.
b) that you’ve told Frame Breaks to wait for next Frame Breaks (or that you’ve used Make Into Frame, which achieves the same thing). Looking at the page with signposts for System Breaks and Frame Breaks turned on (from View > Signposts) would be more helpful.
c) that Dorico has underestimated how much space is needed for dynamics/tempo markings etc. outside the staff.

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Thanks! Yes, must be c there.

It could also be that you’ve specified too large a value for the Inter-system gap option on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options. In general you should specify the smallest value that would be acceptable for this option – for an instrumental part I would suggest a value of around 6 spaces.

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Another possible cause is that you’ve already made some manual adjustments to the Staff Spacing, which now isn’t helping.

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