System Spacing Guidance Needed

I would have sent this file to someone, but it is nearly 90 pp long, so please pardon the image only. I thought I had all the bases covered to space the systems apart, but in this page and the one before it, the system gap is wider than expected and crushes the staves together. The image is large, but I wanted to keep it legible.

Presumably the left page is over 90% full. What does the page fullness indicator show for that page? (Bottom right corner of the page when you’re in Engrave > Staff Spacing mode.)

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Derrek, if you lock these pages with Frame Breaks, then look up your rastral size for this score in Layout Options, then Reset Rastral Size at the following Frame break, then reduce the Rastral Size for the „offending“ page only via the Property Panel. Thus making the staves slightly smaller for this page only. It will be hardly noticeable but might sort out the gap in between.

As Leo says: if that first page is over 90, then it doesn’t stretch the spaces between the staves; but only between the systems. I usually set the second justification % to 100, so that staves within systems will always be stretched.

There’s a pair of images on this page that demonstrate the difference between “staves and systems both justified vertically” and “only systems justified vertically; staves within systems use the Ideal Gaps + collision avoidance only”

@benwiggy and @pianoleo , the offending pages were 90.1% full. Thank you.