System spacing issue (Engrave mode)


I’m starting to learn Engrave mode. In my score there are couple of pages with two systems. And i’ve run into a problem that the distance between systems is quite large, while distance between staves is cramped. See attached image.

What’s the best way to approach this? Is there a better way to deal with it than manual edits? Is there a way to make Dorico stretch/justify the systems and use up the free space?


Experiment with the Vertical Justification settings at the bottom of Layout Options.

There is ALWAYS a better way to deal with than manual edits! :laughing:

There are two settings: Justify between staves and systems; and Justify between system only. It looks here that your music is bigger than the % for “between systems only”. So you need to increase that value until it is larger than the ‘fullness’ of your music.

Once you’ve done that, then Dorico will space out the staves as well.

The difference between those two justification values is subtle but very powerful - here’s the task for changing them, with example pages at the bottom to demonstrate the difference they make.

Thank you all.
It took some time and experimentation, but i finally got the result.

The frame is at 87.5%, so i set the “only between systems” to 90%. Then Dorico justified all the staves, and i only had to increase “Inter-system gap” a little.