System text and bounding boxes

If I change the paragraph font for a self defined system text style, that works, but if I change the bounding rectangle the existing instances are not updated. Why is that? New instances get the new shape.

Dorico 5.0.20. Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Can you be a bit more specific about exactly what you’re doing? Are you editing the paragraph style, or changing properties?

Editing the paragraph style. Not in the system text box (you can’t adjust boxes there, can you?).


I’m unable to reproduce this. When I change the border settings for a paragraph style, the existing text items in the project are updated right away. Perhaps you can create a trivial new project and reproduce the problem there, then attach that project here with a specific set of steps required to reproduce the problem.

Could it be because the project is 200 pages long?
Steps to reproduce have already been given in OP. Change the border - it does not update. But new instances do.

I made a six bar project. It works fine.

No, when you change the properties of any paragraph style, Dorico reprocesses the whole layout as a matter of course. I imagine you will find in any case that if you save, close and reopen the project, all of the text items look correct.

I tried that as I thought of that too. Sorry, no.

The workaround is to delete them and recreate them all. There’s only about 40 so it’s not a huge burden.

My guess is that these text items are probably using a different paragraph style than you think they are.

I created a paragraph style called Section Number. I select that in the System Text dialog. I am having trouble seeing how it is not that. Besides, as said, the font details can be changed but the border does not change, and yet new ones do.

Is it possible you have a page override?

Not on 170 pages (and not on any).

You’ll need to share your actual project. You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de if you’ve got the willies about posting it here.