System Text in Score?

Sorry if I missed this, but can Dorico do this:

I would like to have a series of folk songs in an arrangement and have the titles appear where they begin over the measure as a sort of system text. The end result being the text appears in the conductor’s score once in the top staff (or top staff of each bracketed group) and in each part. As it is now, I have to duplicate the text on each staff, otherwise it only shows in the Flute part. Perhaps I am missing a setting.
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.26.28 AM.png

You are not missing a setting: at the moment there is no way to make text attach to the system, but this is a high priority and I expect we will address it soon.


you could attach your titles as Tempo (popover Shift-T)

Thanks Daniel.

k_b, That’s a great work-around! Thanks.

Wouldn’t Dorico try to interpret that during playback, and be “confused”?

You can add a MM mark to the tempo and hide it, using the Properties panel. That should clear up any confusion.

I think the only problem might be if Dorico decides your title means “rit”, “accel”, or something similar.

I think the intent of the work-around advice was to enter the titles as if they were Tempo Text. I tried it and it worked fine (no hiding is necessary). The only wrinkle is I am stuck with Dorico’s styling of the Tempo Text (which is fine for tempos but a little too bold and big for my eyes for this purpose). It sounds like in the future we will have the ability to have system-type text.

You can always edit the paragraph style (or even create a new paragraph style) to make it look the way you want. Go to engraving options and look at the font/text options.

If you’re using tempo for this, then you have to edit the ‘Immediate Tempo Text Font’ in Engrave > Font Styles, but this will also affect all other tempos in your project, so it may not be exactly what you want.

has this feature been implemented or improved ?

Yes, you can now create system-attached text by typing the key command Shift+Alt+X.

Daniel - can text be added to the top staff in a Full Score, but not shown in any parts? (As in song titles or instructions for the conductor that appear over certain bars above the top staff).

Dear musicmaven,
You could insert a text frame where needed in your Full score. This way you’ll be sure that it will not appear in any part. Beware that you should add this at the very end of the work, since you could need to move the music frame in order for the text frame to be free from any collision.

No, you can’t in general control the visibility of text items on a per-layout basis without some kind of workaround, like the one suggested by Marc.

Thanks Marc and Daniel - this solution will work fine!

In the full score layout, if I only want the song titles to appear above the top staff but still allow other system objects, such as tempo text and rehearsal marks, to also appear above the strings, is there a better way of achieving this than going into Engrave Mode and dragging the song titles from above the strings to somewhere off the page (such as into the wild blue yonder above the page)?

Yes, there is! Use the flow headings to display the song titles, not system text!
Let me know if that’s not clear for you.

Thanks, Marc. In this particular case, though, it’s just one flow. It’s a medley of different songs, and I want to put the name of each song in the score and parts where each song starts in the medley. System-attached text seems to be the right choice here, but the song titles often need to appear right above some tempo text and in the full score layout I can’t afford the vertical space to allow the song titles to appear anywhere except above the top staff. The only solution I’ve found so far is to drag the song titles from the lower staves off the page. (Fortunately, in Engrave Mode, you can independently move the system text above the top staff and above any other staves where system text appears.) I was just kind of hoping for a more elegant way of making the song titles that appear above the lower staves disappear than just dragging them off the page.

It really does sound like flow headings might be what you need - you can customise the flow heading however you like, e.g. if you want the font to be smaller and left-aligned rather than in the centre.

Flow headings are great for things like movement titles, where each movement is a separate flow, but for a medley that’s just a single flow I don’t believe there’s a way to have multiple flow headings throughout the flow. Multiple flows won’t work for the medley, since it’s a single piece of music with various modulations and transitions from one song to another.