System text & Key switches

2 questions:

  1. I feel a bit stupid now, but I can’t find an easy way to add system text (i.e. “Verse 1”, “Open repeat” etc) The only way I can find is to add a tempo marking and hide the metronome mark itself. This works for now, but it’s not ideal.

  2. Expression maps works fine as long as it comes to key switch sounds (i.e. change sounds within the same midi channel), but what if I’d like to change to a sound loaded on another midi channel, will that be possible in the future?

  1. Dorico doesn’t yet have a good way to add text that will appear on all staves designated as system object positions, but we’re thinking about how best to achieve it.

  2. And yes, it’s absolutely planned that you should be able to have some techniques routed to a different endpoint (e.g. MIDI channel, slot in a virtual instrument, or even a completely different playback device) in due course.

Oki, thanks Daniel! So for now the way to achieve a “system text”, tempo marking is the way to go?

Indeed, that’s the best you can do for now.

Thanks for the clarification.

The properties panel for system tempo markings contains many useful possibilities. I have now achieved

Mäßig bewegt ([q]=66-76)

In place of the equals sign, I would like to put a word, “etwa”. The Approximate appearance toggle menu does not offer custom text.

Is there any way to achieve this - or might it be in a future update?

Edit: For now, I’ll use

Mäßig bewegt ([q] c. 66-76)

which is pretty close (but not exactly how Schott’s Söhne set it in the score I am transcribing as truthfully as I can …)