System text moving vertically

System Text is changing positions vertically when adding characters in Galley view. This happens in new projects but I have attached one that is preset to work.

To reproduce:

  1. New project
  2. Galley view
  3. 4-5+ bars (enough to justify a system perhaps??)
  4. System Text only
  5. Add a heap of characters: sometimes its heaps; sometimes it’s around 10.

(In the attached project it’s about 13-15 numbers or about 10 letters, including spaces. Just add one number to the text in this case.)

  1. Exit

= text shifts higher

  1. Reset Appearance makes it even worse
  2. Undo doesn’t work well (or not at all after using Reset Appearance)

It appears as though when the text is larger, it takes fewer characters to cause the shift (and vice versa). Likewise, the more bars you have, the more characters and size is needed to induce.

This only happens in Galley view.

Moving Text.dorico (1.2 MB)

At least in about one minute’s worth of experimenting, switching from Galley View to Page View and then back to Galley View resets the position of the System Text.

Whoops, forgot to mention that bit!

I was looking to see if the text moved in Page View (it didn’t) and found this out too.

Also, if you select the System Text while in Galley View and use alt/opt + Left/Right Arrow to move it horizontally, the System Text moves upwards. This also happens (at least some of the time) if you drag the System Text with the mouse.