System Text not appearing on new part

I put some system text (using Shift+X) on my full score. It knocked through all the parts. Now I’ve added a new player to the score, but my system text isn’t showing on that part. I tried duplicating a player whose part showed the system text, but it doesn’t appear on the duplicate either. Is there a way of making the system text appear on the new player’s part, please?
Thank you.

You did mean ALT+SHIFT+X for system text, right?

Thanks, Derrek. Yes, sorry, my mistake (it’s early days with Dorico for me…). Looks like I did Shift+X instead of Alt+Shift+X. I don’t suppose there’s a way of converting my existing Shift+X text to Alt+Shift+X text is there, please? Thank you, again, for replying so quickly.

Hi again, Derrek. Sorry, please don’t worry now - I’m using markers instead. which are doing the trick. Thanks again!