"system text" popover placement

Can you control the placement of a “system text” popover?
In the score and in each part, I want to put “SDG” under the last measure at the far right of the measure.
I can do a system text popover, but it appears in the regular place above the measure.
I have 35 parts, will I have to move each SDG to the proper position in Engrave Mode, or is there a way to place it once in the score and have it appear in the proper place in the parts? Thank you!

Unfortunately there is not a good way of doing this via system text at the moment, but perhaps you could do it by editing the ‘Default Part’ master page set, and creating a new master page based on ‘Default’ that contains the desired text in a new frame in the bottom right-hand corner. You could then apply this master page by way of a master page change to each part layout. The bad news is that you would still have to make this edit in all 35 parts, so it might not be any less labour-intensive than switching to each part in turn and dragging the text in Engrave mode.

Ok, Thanks!

Is there a particular reason why there isn’t an above/below property for system text? That would be handy.

In such situations, I often place the system at the last subdivision and set the text to right aligned. Maybe that might help you as well.

Our rationale was that system-attached markings always go above the staff, but obviously that is not really the case. It would not be trivial to implement this as we would have to determine how to determine the placement for each instance of the item: would they all be controlled by a single property, or could the property be set individually on each instance, etc.? But we may well change this in future.

Thanks for the insight.
Dorico does such a good job with automatic placement, so I always prefer properties like these over manual labor in engrave mode. But this of course is of very small importance. Keep up the good work :smiley:

Dear Dorico Team,
you still didn’t change the position of the Pop-Ups. Please, please have a look at this again if there might not be a better solution.
Things like this happen regularly to me: - can you see anything which is written into the PopUp ?!