System Text yet?

WONDERFUL upgrade! It feels like my birthday and Christmas all in one.

Not complaining, just asking: is there an implementation for system text? I searched through and couldn’t find it, but just making sure.

For example, as a work-around I use the TEMPO popover to add things like “Verse”, “Chorus”, etc. and then adjust the playback tempo in the properties. I am content to continue this practice until there is a better method.

Thanks for the incredible work on Dorico.

If you press +, the text you enter in the + popup will be a system text :slight_smile:

I am missing something here. I tried every combination of + and + to no avail. Can you give me the exact sequence?
For example:
type text

Here is the appropriate place in the manual:

It’s actually shift+x to start stave text, and alt+shift+x for system text.

Esc or control (windows)/command (mac)+enter ends the text entry.

Thanks darren for clearing that up; I got it wrong.

Just to make sure it’s not badly understood, system text is implemented in Dorico since 1.1 I think…

Hush my mouth! I missed this functionality. Thanks for the info!!