System text


I often need to write things like “Repeat 3X”, “Open”, “On Cue” and so forth in my scores. I like to use Bold text in boxes and write it as system text. It shows on the top staff in the score and i all the parts. Haven’t found a way to do that. Is that possible in Dorico?


There’s no really good way of doing it at the moment, now. You can use tempo items to do it (via the Shift+T popover) provided you’re happy to specify a metronome mark (e.g. append “q=120” to the end of the text you want to appear). You can hide the metronome mark itself via Properties afterwards.

Thanks Daniel!

Ok, are you going to include a system text function that can do stuff like that in a future update?

Best wishes!

Yes, in future, for sure.

I hope such system text (when implemented) will be variable in font, size, and style on an individual basis to make it usable in different situations for different purposes.

For example, I would use a different font/weight for “Repeat 3x” than I would for a cue line over a fermata or vamp.

is there a way that system text shows above every instrument-group in my conductor score?
I searched the forum, but couldn’t find anything.
Up till now system text only shows above my flute, which is VERY hard to see/find for the conductor if you have a small score with 40 instruments…


perfect…thanx ! :slight_smile: