System track bug in 2.1??

I just discovered a strange thing in the System track, which i can’t remeber I’ve seen before.
As you can see in the linked (very shaky…) film clip, only the lower edge is active, nothing else responds. I can’t activate the + at all.!AriKcCSmpi4gjeUU-3iuhiHUBUoV8Q

Are you in page view or galley view, Mats? If the latter, we have already since 2.1 changed the way the system track is positioned and its click areas are calculated in galley view in order to provide a performance increase, so I suspect this problem will not trouble you once that fix is available. (Before you ask: no, we don’t know when another update might be arriving.)

Oki, great, then I know!

(and I promise, I won’t ask about the next update, especially since I’m so glad about the last one…! :slight_smile: )