System track in Engrave

Why no system track in Engrave mode? I was hoping for an easy way to select (apparently empty) bars to make in system.

To make into a system, you need to select both the first note (or rest) and the last barline — at least this is how I proceed since Dorico 1.0 with reliable behavior. System track would select the whole region, which is different, and Daniel explained in another thread that selections in Write mode and Engrave mode are using different engines…
Hope it helps

But as a user I don’t care of what’s behind scene but what is comfortable :slight_smile:
Every user is different and more ways to achieve a goal makes it easier. Cause otherwise if one has to know all steps for all actions one will get confused. And hobby user do forget such things fast. I know that from former Sibelius users who often asked me for help.

The system track is in Write mode only because the kinds of operations that the system track performs – primarily adding and removing bars – can only be performed in Write mode. You can of course switch to Write mode, use the system track to make the selection you want, then go back to Engrave mode.

I’m at the moment experimenting with Dorico Pro 2, and the possibility of having Write and Engrave Modes both open simultaneously on a dual monitor system is priceless for these kinds of selection issues, since everything updates in real time between the modes, pretty cool!


I’m selecting in bars without rests or notes in them. System track selected in write mode doesn’t hold over to Engrave mode at least not for the purpose of making into a system.
It’s dodgy workflow having to input notes or rests to achieve something before deleting them. I have empty bars with chord symbols.

Can I ask how you select two separate items in Engrave mode? I’m basically having to make all my selections in Write mode and then switch back to Engrave.

Having the separate modes in two display is very cool, though.

benwiggy, in Engrave Mode select the first note with the mouse, then hold down the CTRL(CMD) key and click onto the second item (f.e. barline).

That’s the badger! Thanks.