System track Vanished

The System Track is gone in my project, perhaps never to return. I know what you are thinking. But I do know how to turn the System Track on and off.

Fortunately, I have the version with a working system track that I was using when Dorico crashed a couple of hours ago. I have had one crash a day, usually the result of something innocuous like inserting a repeat mark or fermata. Perhaps the crash damaged the file. Or perhaps there is something I did without realizing it. Any help in restoring the later file would be welcome.

Perhaps you can upload it. If it’s the file itself then this will be the most sensible thing to do.

Thank you, DanielMuzMurray. I will do that if directed by the Dorico team.

I notice the system track becomes invisible when the top staff in a layout has independent meters, such that the bar numbers are no longer in sync. I don’t suppose that’s what you’re dealing with, but I thought I’d mention it.

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They’re probably catching some Z’s right now but if you cut the project here I’m sure there are users who can help until the sun shines in the UK again.

Thanks Mark_Johnson. No, its straight-forward stuff.

Its a big file, DanielMuzMurray and I am not in a panic since I have the earlier copy that works and I just brought up to date successfully. So it seems like the file is damaged and they may be interested to see what caused it.

I just discovered what caused my “problem”. It is so dumb that I am embarrassed to talk about it. But I will. For some reason I got it into my head that I should seeing the System Track in Engrave mode. I know very well that that is not the case, but after a long day with Dorico I must have gone into a trance or something. Sorry to bother…

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Thanks for the explanation! Believe me, these kind of stories are useful and informative for others.

It is! I was thinking Galley was called Gallery for about 2 years.

Thanks guys. I appreciate that. Dorico can be mind-bending at times, and mine got bent.

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