System Track


working with the System Track in Dorico is very useful, I like it a lot. But: it would be great if one could see it always on top when scrolling down in big scores…


This has been discussed, and will be available at some point. I don’t recall the exact response from the team, but it was something to this effect.

A similar request is to consider adding mouse gestures to the system bar similar to what some DAWs do that will allow rapid navigation through the score and easy zooming. For example, click and drag left on the system bar to scroll the music to the left. Click and drag down to zoom in. Click and drag up to zoom out. Same thing for multi-touch screens.

There needs to be a way to quickly move from flow to flow. Maybe there could be a new icon at the left end of the visible system bar. If you click or touch on that icon, it would pup up a panel of thumbnails for each of the flows. Touch or clink on the desired thumbnail to go directly to that flow.

You can move quickly from flow to flow either by going to Setup mode and clicking on the desired flow in the Flows panel, or by using Edit > Go To > Next/Previous Flow (to which you can assign key commands if you wish).

We don’t have any concrete plans to make the system track glue itself to the top of the view rather than to be drawn above the top staff in the system, and it wouldn’t be useful in all circumstances (e.g. single instrumental parts in page view) but I do understand the request.

Definitely. I see that as a scroll-view thing only. I realize there might be some attraction to having the scroll and page view work similarly, but they really are two entirely different animals, IMHO. I think of scroll view very much like working in a DAW – time is always left to right. It is a very rational way for me to work. And DAWs have time tracks that are always visible at the top. That is an orientation many people are very comfortable with already.

I agree with this 100%, and I think galley view is the most natural fit for system to track anyways. When working with large orchestra scores, the ability to float the system track would make it usable to me. As it is currently, it’s not really a part of my workflow.

Perhaps a bold statement on my part, but my guess is that 100% of users would find pinning the System Track to the top of the current view (especially when in Galley View) a useful thing. The same goes for measure numbers (which could be imbedded in the System Track). The implementation could have the look and feel of the floating instrument names that remain on-screen at the left margin of galley view.