System Visibility in playback

When playing back a page of music, is there a way to have Dorico jump to the next page a bar or two earlier so I can see the music ahead? Or even have the playback head stay in the middle at all times?

I’m having zoom choir rehearsals and this makes it difficult to read music.

I don’t think there is such option yet. And not sure the team wants to make such feature a priority — they have already written a number of times that exporting score videos from Dorico was not a priority, since there are other tools… And this feature is quite similar to that score export thing. This request is nonetheless valid, and I would like to have the ability to have the active page visible as well as the next before the page turns, without resorting to my trackpad.

Moving to the next system early during playback is a reasonable request, and not one that we’ve had before that I can recall. I’ll make a note of it, though I can’t promise we’ll get to it imminently.

I’d like to add my voice to this request. It’s something that has bothered me ever since my beginnings with computer playback in the late 80’s. While following the playback display, every page jump would be jarring, since I need to read ahead and I would always experience the jump as being ‘too late’. If it were possible to implement early page-turning, I would actually prefer a time rather than a number of bars, as this would be coupled to the tempo and the length of the bars.