Systematic error message launching Cubase 12

Thanks for your reply. Find the most recent ips file enclosed.
Cubase LE AI Elements 12-2023-08-12-171240.ips (47.0 KB)

Hi there

Same problem for me… very annoying :frowning:
Here is the file :

Cubase LE AI Elements 12-2023-08-13-103547.ips (44.8 KB)

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The crash is in HALion Sonic SE. As I can see, you have HALion Sonic SE installed. Same as mentioned above, remove the old version, please.


The crash is in HALion Sonic SE. As I can see, you have HALion Sonic SE installed. Same as mentioned above, remove the old version, please.

Thank you, but how do i remove it ? :confused:


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Google Translate does a good job and only takes a few seconds

Thank you!

Google Translate:

I see that the Cubase 12 version crashes with everyone. To solve the problem I had to ask the hotline to help me by taking control of my computer. I couldn’t do it alone.

Cubase 12 doesn’t crash to everyone. I know several users, where is not Cubase 12 crashing (including my system). Cubase 12 doesn’t support very old HALion Sonic SE 2. So if someone has this very old plug-in installed, Cubase 12 is crashing with it. The “fix” is super-simple. Just install the latest plug-in version (HALion Sonic SE 7) and remove the old plug-in version (HALion Sonic SE 2).


Please, read this thread from the top. It has been mentioned and discussed thru. Thank you.

I remove the “Halion Sonic SE” in Library/application support/Steinberg

Same problem


Double-check both the system and the user Library folders, please.

Of it’s still crashing, attach the latest *.ips file, please.

Cubase LE AI Elements 12-2023-08-13-150146.ips (45.1 KB)

It don’t find it in the System Library, i just removed every thing near of HALion find with the research
Here is the last one

Comment tu as contacté la hotline stp ?
How did you contact the Hotline please ?

Well, i don’t really know what i’ve done, but it works haha

Thank you for your patience Martin.Jirsak

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@Martin.Jirsak I‘m trying to better understand the IPS logs:

"path" : "\/Library\/Application Support\/Steinberg\/*\/HALion Sonic SE",

Why is there an asterix (*) in the path?
Is the HALion Sonic SE folder buried in yet another x subdirectories of Library/Application Support/Steinberg?


I don’t know, sorry…

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Yes, it’s a wild card, representing the name of folder(s) inside

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Btw, in general, is easy to read the *.ips files. You find the Crash Thread (the Crash thread number is written above the list of the threads). Very often it’s thread 0, but especially if the crash happens in the plug-in, it might be another thread. Then find the thread in the list. Then read the thread from the top. Once you find something but system items, this is the crashing software/plug-in.

Then it requires some skills to guess, what might happen. If you read the forum (and other users’ crash files) on a daily bases, your guess becomes better and better.

For example, I know that exactly what we are discussing here, is often the case, if I see the HALion Sonic SE in thread 0. So then I search in the *.ips file, if there is HALion Sonic SE 2 mentioned. If there is, I know, what the issue is.

The exact and in-depth resolving can be done only on Steinberg’s side.

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It finally worked for me. Thanks a lot to Martin.Jirsak.

I had to search for a long time, but finally found the file “HALion Sonic SE.vst3”. That is the version that Martin.Jirsak has been telling us to remove. Once I did it, Cubase Elements 12 opened without a problem.

This is the where I found it: /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components.

So, for those of you asking about the asterisk in the path (*), in my case it was the folder Components.


Cool, thank you very much for the information, gents! :+1: