Systems glitch


So I’m trying to edit the layout of my score and adjust how many measures are on each page and for some reason for this system in particular when I move it to a new page via frame break the score gets glitched and the lines aren’t connected any more.

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Are you aware that Mac and Windows have screen capture programs? Far better to give forum users a clear image instead of a moire’d phone shot.

Sorry about that, do you have an idea though on how to fix this issue?

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Could you please provide a little more info? I’m just guessing at what I’m seeing. At least turn on signposts.

so when I had clicked on frame break on this specific section the measures all of a sudden aren’t in a line any more like the page on the right. on the red dots in front of each of measures you can see that I have the bottom left selected and it’s supposed to be connected to the bottom the second column

I’m not entirely sure that I’m getting you but to start, try clicking in each of those red dots and press Delete.

The extra-tall height of the system fullness indicator suggests that there are even further staves moved off the top of the page.

Select one of the red handles on this page, and go to the Engrave menu > Staff Spacing > Reset Selected Frame.

The red system fullness indicators (the coloured boxes on the right edges of each system) are suggesting that Dorico has calculated those systems as being overfull, based on the staff size and note spacing. You might want to consider adjusting your staff size, page size, page margins, or note spacing (in whatever combination makes sense for the context).

Also take a look in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing for some powerful defaults that might reduce the need for manual staff spacing interventions in the first place.