systems per page

I found how to increase/decrease measures per system, but not systems per page. I am learning Dorico using a solo violin work. To help with page turns and layout, I want 8 systems on the first page, but Dorico puts the 8th system on the 2nd page. I’d like to be able to control systems per page (for solo works, and, obviously, for parts) on a page by page basis. How do I do this?

(long-time Finale user, hoping to love Dorico)

To move systems to the next page, select the first item on the first system you want to move and insert a frame break (Ctrl-alt-F)

To move more systems to page A, select the first item on that page and control-click the last item on the system that should end that page, and click Make into Frame.


I have a piano duet (so 2 grand staves per system). I understand that there’s no way to force the number of bars per staff and that’s OK ; I prefer to let Dorico do it automatically.

But I want to force 3 systems per “page” (per “frame” in Dorico’s parlance). I can do it fine one page/frame at a time but how do I do it in one operation for all frames/pages of my score ? I would think that letting all the frames linked in one chain (“LA”) the formatting would carry from one to the other (like it does in word processing for headers and footers) as long as they all belong to the same frame chain.

What am I doing wrong here ? Can someone post a step by step please ? Daniel ? Thanks !

I would try and achieve that result just changing some size parameters in the layout options : space size in setup category, and some parameters in vertical spacing category like inter system gap. This will work for all frames.
I do not think there is another automated way for that now.
Hope it helps !

We don’t yet have any features to force a particular number of bars per system or systems per page, but we will add these soon.

As a consequence, there is no quick way to force an entire layout to be cast off in a specific way contrary to the way Dorico does it automatically, so you will need to use the Make Into System/Frame commands for the time being.

If the first item on a page in the middle of a flow is a multi bar rest with no time signature showing; what can you select as the first item of the page when you want to add additional bars to the page to make into a single frame?

The preceding barline should work for this.

If only it was that easy! I had already tried that but chaos ensued.

This is a multi page instrumental part where I am trying to coincide page turnovers with rests, and I am trying to get page 3 and part of page 4 onto a single page 3.

I have already merged page 1 and part of page 2 onto page 1, then then the rest of page 2 and part of page 3 onto page 2. so far so good. I am left with frame break labels at the begining of the new pages 1, 2 and 3.

If I then select the final bar line of page 2 and the bar line on page 4 as the begining and end points of the bars that I want as page three and do Make into Frame, I get page 1 in its original state and page 2, page 3 and the selected part of page 4 all together on page 2. I presume this is because the last bar line on page 2 is before the frame break label at the start olf page 3, but why this would affect page 1 I don’t know.

I think the solution might be to insert a dummy note at the begining of the multibar rest at the start of page 3, do the Make into Frame layout changes and then remove the dummy note. It does seem a little laborious compared with a rival.


I believe the Discover Dorico January session talks about what you want to do. If you select the frame break signpost on page 3, go to properties and select under Format “Wait for next Frame break” this may work for you. Here is a link to that video: