TAB: Assign notes above fourth fret ? (without right-clicking Move to String)

For tablature, is there any way to assign notes above the fourth fret without having to right-click and select Move to String?

I much prefer keyboard shortcuts, and Alt+Up/Down to move semitones is very useful – but every time I go from what should be 4 to 5 on a lower string, my note jumps to the next open string 0 instead. I know you can right-click to move it back to the other string, but this is tedious when most of what I’m trying to transcribe is around the 7th frets. Is there any way to just turn off the auto-string jumping? I’ve been messing with Cubase and searched online for longer than I’d care to admit and can’t figure this out. Please help!

(I’m using Cubase Pro 9.5)