TAB for change between Write to Edit

(and Edit to Write)

There is any way to do that?

(it’s inspired in Blender)

Do you mean switching between Write and Engrave modes? or switching between being in note input (with the caret showing) and being outside of note input (where you can select and edit items)?

For the former, you can use the key commands Ctrl/Cmd-2 for Write mode and Ctrl/Cmd-3 for Engrave mode.

For the latter, the key command is Shift-N (or Return, although Return also opens the popover for a selected item).

The first

Yes, i know the command and it’s super useful, but I was just asking because the TAB-way is faster for me.


I wouldn’t expect that would be likely, as a default at least, as Tab is used for navigation in Write mode primarily. In Engrave mode, Tab cycles through handles on items. Both of these are also very useful.

The current standard also means there’s a consistent pattern of switching modes for all modes.

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There is the command Previous Mode, which effectively is a toggle.

I guess you could set the shortcut for that to the Tab key, but I wouldn’t recommend it, for the reasons Lillie gave. On my system, it is mapped to the W key.


It might not be feasible for a good number of people, but a dual monitor system with Write and Engrave on different screens is absolutely magical in Dorico.



Thanks so much! i don’t know that! :heart_eyes: