Tab Group behavior

This may be operator error but this behavior has bugged me for a long time.

Say I have two Tab Groups. I click on the folder icon in Tab One’s pane and open a wav which opens up in that Tab Group as expected.

Now I click on Tab Two’s folder icon and open a different wav. But instead of opening in Tab Two’s pane, it opens in Tab One’s pane. Intuitively, one would expect the file to open up in the same pane from were the file was opened/called from. This is very annoying and requires extra steps to relocate the wav(s) back to the intended pane.

I don’t see the logic behind this behavior but maybe there is a good reason for it. Otherwise can this behavior be changed, please?

Please show a picture to illustrate what you describe and tell how you open the files. In a dual tab group as below, I don’t have any problem.

Hi PG,

In my picture, if I click on the lower tab group folder icon and choose/select a wave to open, it opens in the upper pane, contrary to what I expect. Same if the tabs are side-by-side. I have experienced this behavior for years, really. Across various PC hardware and Windows versions and at least since WL9.

Playing with this more I find more info about this behavior:

  1. Start with a single Tab Group with the montage SIGMA symbol in the middle. If I choose open Audio File, the wav opens even though the group type was montage. Appears its smart enough to change group type based on opening choice.

  2. Create a second tab group which defaulted to montage type. Now if I try to open a wav, it opens in the first tab group. Maybe because it had changed to an audio type group?

  3. But if I change the second tab group to audio file type by clicking on the center icon, wavs will now correctly open in that pane as intended.

I would prefer that each new tab group be “smart” enough to open what is requested and switch types automatically as in step one above. Else why have every file type available to open? Can the tab group be “agnostic” until something is opened?

Additionally, it seems in WL12 I can only create two tab groups/panes. I used to be able to create many tab groups/panes in the past.

*p.s.: behavior works as desired in WL9, but not in WL11 nor WL12.

Thanks for your explanation. I can now reproduce and this will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.20.
Currently, it works when you select a file from the recent list, but not if you open the file from the file browser.