Tab Group width

Why in Control Window the tab groups cannot be narrower? In WL6 I was used to have Bit-meter VERY narrow however in WL7 even if I shrink it as much as possible it is still distastefully huge & takes too much space.

This is governed by the place needed to display the New and Open and split icons.
I Will see if this can be changed.

Thank you for considering - perhaps once the group gets narrower (or lower - imagine rotating Bit-meter) not showing these icons, their functions could be available via right-click menu…

It seems this has not been altered in version 7.1 in any way - does it mean that it canNOT be changed?
Again, my point is especially Bit-meter which I still have to keep as floating which causes troubles when working with different Workspaces.

I haven’t checked this issue, because it was not on top of the priority list. But it is still noted.

OK, at least there is still some hope (not only I believe) for me…