TAB name on first tablature system only

Is it possible to have the word TAB display on the first system of the tablature stave only? Is it also possible to change this font to a bold one. Previously in Finale I was able to select a regular or bold font for this name. Bold looks better in my opinion. Thanks

Yes, if you go to the Clefs page of Engraving Options, you can specify ‘Show tab clef on’ ‘First system only’. As for changing the font for tablature numbers, you can certainly do that via Engrave > Font Styles. If you want to change the design of the tab clef itself, you’ll need to do that via Engrave > Music Symbols, where you can either choose a ready-made tab clef from another music font, if you have one, or you could construct one using individual characters from any text font you like.

Thanks Daniel. I was sure there was a way to do this.