Tab slide shortcut

I need to add lots of slides to tablature. Is there a shortcut or do I have to go to the ornament panel each time? Thanks

Slides are really glissandos, under the hood, so you can assign a key command to ‘Create Glissando’ in the Key Commands page of Preferences, which allows you to do it with a single keypress.

Brilliant! Thank you. Presumably I’m able to assign key commands to other frequently used ornaments like bends and slurs?

Slurs already have the shortcut S. You can perform the same trick with bends as you can for slides/glissandos.

Thanks for your prompt reply Daniel. I am very impressed with your hands-on involvement with end users. It makes a big difference, especially after the lack of engagement from MakeMusic over the years. I really like the elegance and ease of use of Dorico that I have experienced thus far. I am still getting to grips with the general approach and philosophy of Dorico. After twenty years on Finale, I’m constantly looking for some arcane way to achieve something simple! So I am constantly being pleasantly surprised. Thank you.