Tab Staff: How to Show/Hide/Show it?

For an ukulele player, below the standard notation’s 5-line staff with single notes, I want to show a Tab staff with those single notes, then hide the Tab staff when chord diagrams and slash noteheads for strumming are shown on the notation staff. Later in the piece I want to show both the notation and Tab staves for more single notes. How can I show/hide/show the Tab staff?

Welcome to the forum @Nancy_Piver! You can only hide or show notation staves and tablature throughout a layout for each player. However, you could use two players and show both notation and tab for one, and just notation for the other; then write the music for notation and tab on the first player’s staves, and chord diagrams/slash regions for the second player. If you hide empty staves, and make sure systems start/end where the parts cross-over between players, it should end up looking correct.

Perhaps when cutaway scores are possible this will be too, but I would not expect it to be possible in the first iteration of cutaway scores if ever.

Thank you, Lillie. I created a slash region, and wanted to alternate a rest/strum/rest/strum pattern in each bar, but that wasn’t successful, so I alternated slash-shaped noteheads with rests in a standard notation bar and repeated for the chord strumming section.