tab to transients

is there a tab to transient function (like in PT or StudioOne) in Nuendo7 ? And if so, what would be the workflow?


There is.

  1. Check that you have automatic hitpoint detection on (or you can do this manually via the sample editor) under Preferences → Editing → Audio → Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection.
  2. Use the key commands Location Next/Previous Hitpoint

You can also enable showing these hit points on selected events in the project window via Preferences → Event Display → Audio → Show Hitpoints on Selected Events.

Steinberg has managed to make the first “Tab To Transient” version that do not use the Tab Key to locate next transient :confused: :confused: :laughing:

How many of you did actually hit the Tab Key when this feature showed up? I know I did :wink:

And then I deactivated the thing, because it made navigating in my sessions SLOW as hell.

Think it was TDAT good program. Used to go to highest peak and then highest peak and then etc. Nothing like this in Nuendo I would love it ? :smiley:

OK are you guys on Windows because this now has me perplexed. I went back to cutting with PT for a few days and remembered some workflow points I was lacking in my Nuendo workflow.
I then endeavored to add the tab key back into my life.
Have you ever tried to use the tab key to enter a key command in windows? It skips to the next field. It’s a function of the OS. So I tried copying and pasting the ASCII character. No dice. So, truely… Does anyone tab to transients? Is a simple solution afoot? Also when you hit the tab key you cycle through parameters on the info bar which is nice, if I could use them as a command. But you can’t.

I don’t think you can assign the TAB key to any function.
But since you still want to use it I wonder if it does not make your machine slow as hell. On my machine you simply cannot use Nuendo anymore when this is enabled.

Nuendo uses “n” and “b” (as in next and back) quite a lot for locate next/previous, so it might be a good idea to use that. You can use modifiers to tell Nuendo what sort of thing should be located (marker, event, transient…)

I just assigned “Q” to do the job instead. That way it’s close enough to the PT layout.